Your Body is Listening! A Pathway for Releasing Chronic Conditions

Part One: My Story

I was in a coma and it taught me how to communicate with my body in a deeper way. Part One of this article shares how this understanding helped me to survive a fatal illness. Part Two details my approach to helping others release chronic conditions and the effects of illness.

I’m grateful to Balanced Body® for publishing these articles. Please click the link below to read my personal journey in Part One. I welcome your thoughts and comments. Part Two of the article is also available at

Your Body is Listening! A Pathway for Releasing Chronic Conditions, Part One

Lifted Pilates™ Founder Recently Featured in "Women's Health" Magazine<<

About the author : Julie Cheifetz

Julie Cheifetz
Julie Lyon Cheifetz, founder of Lifted Pilates™, has been teaching for twenty years and specializes in rehabilitation of healthy movement in special populations. She left an eighteen-year business career to bring what she learned in her personal health journey to inspire others to reach for renewed strength and health at any age. Her experiences of a fatal complication during childbirth that left her in a coma, temporarily wheel-chair bound and with advanced-stage kidney disease was featured in “Woman’s Health” Magazine and her articles on Pilates and wellness topics have been published in industry publications. She is certified through BASI Pilates®, PhysicalMind™ Institute and Pilates Method Alliance and has an MBA from the University of Chicago.

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