Your Body is Listening! A Pathway for Releasing Chronic Conditions

Part One: My Story

I was in a coma and it taught me how to communicate with my body in a deeper way. Part One of this article shares how this understanding helped me to survive a fatal illness. Part Two details my approach to helping others release chronic conditions and the effects of illness.

I’m grateful to Balanced Body® for publishing these articles. Please click the link below to read my personal journey in Part One. I welcome your thoughts and comments. Part Two of the article is also available at

Your Body is Listening! A Pathway for Releasing Chronic Conditions, Part One

Lifted Pilates™ Founder Recently Featured in "Women's Health" Magazine<<

About the author : Julie Cheifetz

Julie Cheifetz
Julie Lyon Cheifetz, PMA-CPT, founder of Lifted Pilates™, has been teaching since 2002, certified through The Pilates Method Alliance, BASI Pilates® and PhysicalMind™ Institute. Julie developed Lifted™ to promote healing, healthy movement, active aging and rehabilitation. Her articles on Pilates, healing and wellness topics have been published in leading Pilates publications and are available on her blog, and she shares teaching information and videos on Instagram. Her story was recently featured in "Women's Health" magazine.

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