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Lifted™ Mat Classes

Lifted™ mat classes are now available virtually on Zoom! Classes are limited to small groups so I can offer the personal attention, cueing and feedback of an in-person class. Modifications are offered so movement can be adjusted appropriately for various level and conditions. Classes include Pilates, Bone Health, ABS & GLUTES on Fire, and Active Aging (balance, posture, healthy gait, and fall prevention). Classes are now discounted to $12.

Our studio and park district classes are not being offered at this time to help ensure the safety and well-being of everyone. These classes are usually offered in four annual sessions, Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. These continuous mat class sessions offer opportunity to build upon principles and exercises – and modifications tailored to your unique goals, comfort and needs. Our classes are for all levels and ages, as long as you are comfortable being on the floor. Lifted™ mat classes are taught at Lifted studio and at the Patty Turner Center in Deerfield, IL – and our classes have been offered at the Deerfield Park District for 19 years.

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