Osteoporosis, Now What? Part Three: Build Your Coat of Armor

Written by Julie Cheifetz, Published by Balanced Body® “The Core” magazine, September 2020

Part Three of my article discusses developing muscular protection to overlay bones and develop functional patterns for increased strength and balance. These muscular partnerships promote healthy central nervous system function, bolster fall prevention strategies, and support an active lifestyle.

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Click to read parts one and two of the article “Power & Patience” and “Bone Matters” which explore the emotional and skeletal aspects of building bone.

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Osteoporosis, Now What? Part Two: Bone Matters<<

About the author : Julie Cheifetz

Julie Cheifetz
Julie Lyon Cheifetz, founder of Lifted Pilates™, has been teaching for twenty years and specializes in rehabilitation of healthy movement in special populations. She left an eighteen-year business career to bring what she learned in her personal health journey to inspire others to reach for renewed strength and health at any age. Her experiences of a fatal complication during childbirth that left her in a coma, temporarily wheel-chair bound and with advanced-stage kidney disease was featured in “Woman’s Health” Magazine and her articles on Pilates and wellness topics have been published in industry publications. She is certified through BASI Pilates®, PhysicalMind™ Institute and Pilates Method Alliance and has an MBA from the University of Chicago.

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